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Emergence of Modern Physics
(An Activity kit)

Emergence of Modern Physics (An Activity Kit)

The activity kit contains simple activities that explain the underlying concepts of modern physics.  Attempt has been made to explain some of the abstract concepts like relativistic length contraction and time dilation, curvature of space-time, deflection of light through gravitational fields, photoelectric effect and so on through 28 innovative activities in this kit. The kit has been brought out both in English and Hindi.

Following activities of the kit are:

Characteristic Light emitted by Elements
CD Spectroscope
X-ray Images
Application of X-rays
Fluorescence and Phosphorescence
Discovery of Radioactivity
Radioactive Decay
Radioactive Decay and Transmutation of Elements
Simple Electroscope
Emission and Absorption of Radiation
Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics: a ramp and a staircase
Electron Orbits in an Atom
How Atoms Absorb and Radiate Energy
Photoelectric Effect
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Communicating with Radio Waves
All Motion is Relative
Constancy of Speed of Light
Relativistic Contraction of Length
Time Dilation
Curvature of Space
Motion of Planets according to General theory of Relativity
Deflection of Light in the Gravitational Field of a Star
Scattering of Alpha Particles
Nuclear Chain Reaction
How an Aircraft gets Lift
Brownian Motion
Makers of Modern Physics - A Chart

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