Indian Science News

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Insect fossils give new turn to India’s ancient past (207 KB)
2016 was India's hottest year in a century (Hindi) (199 KB)
Bidi smoking linked to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases (110 KB)
New initiative of CSIR in food safety (Hindi) (514 KB)
India’s black hole pioneer, Vishveshwara, is no more (Hindi) (507 KB)
India’s black hole pioneer, Vishveshwara, is no more (61 KB)
The Prime Minister inaugurated the Nobel Prize Series Exhibition (Hindi) (306 KB)
Need for collaborations & combined work required by international universities to achieve progress, growth and innovations in S&T: Experts (43 KB)
No partnership is sustainable until it is mutually benefited: R Chidambaram (38 KB)
Gravitational waves a new window Explore the world Forth day (Hindi) (970 KB)
University and Scientific research (Hindi) (1159 KB)
The country's contribution to the development of science AND technology (Hindi) (682 KB)
Prime Minister inaugurates the 104th Indian Science Congress (Hindi) (405 KB)
Prime Minister inaugurates the 104th Indian Science Congress (89 KB)
Indian Science Congress 2017 (716 KB)
Computer Model to Identify Potential anti-Diabetic Compounds (43 KB)
Pond Weed to Make Membranes to Separate Oxygen (44 KB)
Winter Fog Experiment (WIFEX 2016-17) (39 KB)
Fellowship of Ministry of Science & Technology (DST/DBT/CSIR (DSIR)/SERB) (62 KB)
National Mathematics Day (Hindi) (629 KB)
Novel Drug Delivery Method for Sustained Release of anti-HIV Drug (44 KB)
New Device to Detect Antibacterial in Milk (44 KB)
New and Cheaper Device to Detect Adulterated Milk Reliably (43 KB)
A Biometric System Resistant to Spoof Attacks (42 KB)
DST-Intel Collaborative Research for Real-Time River Water and Air Quality Monitoring (127 KB)
India International Science Festival (IISF)- 2016 (160 KB)
India International Science Festival (IISF)- 2016 (Hindi) (768 KB)
Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics 2016 (48 KB)
Vorticellaas Effective Mosquito Bio Control Agent (47 KB)
Heating and Reusing Oil for Deep Frying Harmful to Health (47 KB)
Computer program ToDetect Human Age (44 KB)
An online Self-Help Portal Helps Reduce Alcohol Consumption (48 KB)
India International Science Festival(IISF 2016) (25 KB)
Salidroside to Treat Dengue (44 KB)
Antibacterials From Offal (47 KB)
Increasing Shelf Life of Foods (43 KB)
India becomes Associate Member of CERN (75 KB)
Herbal Tablet to Cure Vaginal Infection (43 KB)
New Anticancer Substance Found (51 KB)
New Material for Wound Healing (44 KB)
S&T minister inaugurates DST pavilion at Pragati Maidan (21 KB)
New Complex Promises to Kill Cancer (43 KB)
Newer Faster Carbon Monoxide Sensor (42 KB)
A Better Material for Lithium Batteries (45 KB)
Almonds and Figs prevent Food borne illness (41 KB)
New and Better Method to Test Tetanus Vaccine (42 KB)
Ecofriendly Method to Degrade Carcinogen in Water (43 KB)
New Sensor To Detect Toxin in Contaminated Water (41 KB)
Pine Trees for Cleaner Water (42 KB)
Spices to Combat Cancer (51 KB)
New Biosensor Detects Bacteria that Poisons Food (50 KB)
New Sensor to Prevent Accidental Gas Leakage (58 KB)
Microwave Cereal for 2 minutes to Manage Diabetes (52 KB)
India has a huge potential for design education: experts (194 KB)
India-UK Tech Summit to be inaugurated on Nov 7 (15 KB)
STAR: A scientist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (Hindi) (434 KB)
Raman Research Institute Bengaluru (450 KB)
Indo-Italian S&T collaboration to get a fillip (38 KB)
Self cleaning technology by ARCI helps develop ‘sun wash’ jeans (46 KB)
BRICS young scientist’s conclave (233 KB)
Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation in India (210 KB)
S&T minister chairs brainstorming session for MoES (35 KB)
IIG develops low cost innovation in data transmission (68 KB)
BRICS Young Scientists Conclave from Sept 26 to boost research among member countries (12 KB)
Scientists gathered to Commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Dr. S. Ramachandran (31 KB)
Optical astronomy in India opens new frontiers for celestial science (294 KB)
India sets a robust roadmap towards methanol economy (47 KB)
BRICS S&T ministers meet to be held on October 8 (174 KB)
Control the Chili leaf curl virus (Hindi) (154 KB)
Control the Chili leaf curl virus (61 KB)
Technology Development Board celebrates its 20th Foundation Day (81 KB)
10th Asian Science Camp (98 KB)
A Great Physicist & Meteorologist - Anna Mani (Hindi) (621 KB)
INSA award (Hindi) (534 KB)
Indian National Science Academy Medal (82 KB)
ASEAN India scientific meet announces fellowships, calls for bolstering collaboration (45 KB)
Excellence in science pursuits & leadership for societal benefits (67 KB)
Devasthal Telescope (Hindi) (441 KB)
Scientist Student Interaction Program (Hindi) (1203 KB)
Killing cancer with a new technique (58 KB)
Scientists build database of worms from North East (259 KB)
Scientists devised a capacitor from activated rice husk. (204 KB)
HUBOT- bridging the gap between human and robot interaction (46 KB)
Research on Hydrophobicity (32 KB)
MOU between India and South Africa regarding Science and Technology (128 KB)
INDIA-RFBR Selected Proposals 2015 (75 KB)
Need to develop a national roadmap for science CNR Rao (75 KB)
A new dimension to gene regulation holds promise for cancer therapy (96 KB)
Stimulating lectures, research highlights of 27th mid year meet of Indian Academy of Sciences (373 KB)
A Giant Eye to explore the universe (149 KB)
Grand Challenges Exploration India--first call for proposals (120 KB)
IISc scientists develop software for crowd management in Kumbh (426 KB)
India-Australia Fellowship program (604 KB)
ISRO begins countdown for launch of 20 satellites (480 KB)
PSLV-C34 successfully launches 20 satellites in a single flight (21.3 KB)
Scientists engineer yeast for boosting alcohol production (107 KB)
India and UK have agreed to work as R&D partners in Solar Alliance and Nano Material Research (260 KB)
DST funded study cautions on recycling used oil (123 KB)
Seminar on Black Holes in ICTS, Bangalore (91 KB)
‘Jungli Tulsi’ as a potential anti cancer agent? (211 KB)
Scientists use a sweetener to make materials for bone reconstruction (206 KB)
India and Japan organize workshop to improve research collaboration (137 KB)
India Innovation Growth Programme 2016 Awards - innovative solutions for global challenges (220 KB)
DST helps to build rural industrial complex in Rajasthan village- Hindi (180 KB)
Microbes from medicinal plants yield anticancer hope: IISc team reports interesting findings (123 KB)
India will double investment in next 5 years in clean energy research (117 KB)
RLV-TD: India’s first indigenous mini-shuttle (82.6 KB)
Empowering Basic Research in India: SERB (67.9 KB)
PM visit to Shillong to view science and technology centered development schemes (hindi) (68.6 KB)
PM visit to Shillong to view science and technology centered development schemes (58.4 KB)
North Eastern Region Biotechnology Programme Management Cell (Hindi) (80.7 KB)
Surya jyoti solar light programme (Hindi) (332 KB)
Mapping the brain: DST makes new strides in cognitive science research (304 KB)
Qora: Stool Management Kit (128 KB)
Earthworm as ecological engineers to change the Physico-chemical properties of soil (Hindi) (29.2 KB)
Technology Day 11 May 2016 (157 KB)
Moving beyond the boundaries of labs: DST helps to build rural industrial complex in Rajasthan village (244 KB)
When science meets heritage (442 KB)
Celebrating astronomy: A date with Mercury (96 KB)
Celebrating astronomy: A date with Mercury (Hindi) (282 KB)
Transit of Mercury on 9th May 2016(Hindi) (68.4 KB)
Transit of Mercury on 9th May 2016 (53.5 KB)
An eco friendly film for making the water soft (893 KB)
From fate to fight: anti viral drugs are on the anvil (61.5 KB)
50 scientists, two of Indian nationalities elected as Fellows of Royal Society (25.4 KB)
Scientists give new insight for preserving endangered birds (88.6 KB)
DBT funded kit ready to launch for diagnosis of genital infections (23.6 KB)
India’s first 2G ethanol plant inaugurated (56.9 KB)
New approach for early forecasting of Indian monsoon (14.4 KB)
Indian scientist gets closer to predicting solar flares (72.8 KB)