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Layman's and medical worker's guide to common disease
All About Having a Baby
Authors :Dr. Yatish Agarwal and Rekha Agarwal
 ISBN : 81-7480-074- 3(Hb)
 ISBN : 81-7480-078- 6(Pb)
 Pages :244 (hb),244(pb)
 Price : Rs 195(Hb),Rs 140(Pb)

Understanding Asthma
Author : Dr. S. K. Sharma
ISBN : 81-7480-012-3
Pages : 72
Price : Rs.34

Know More About Jaundice
Author :
Dr. R. S. K. Sinha
ISBN :81-7480-014-X
Pages : 58
Price : Rs.31

Sex, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS
Author: Dr. R. S. Misra
ISBN :81-7480-013-1
Pages : 152
Price : Rs.65

Charging the Human Battery
Author :
Dr. D.Porichha
ISBN : 81-7480-083-2
Pages : 120
Price : Rs.45
(Not Available)

Sisur Jatno O Lalon Palon (in Bengali)
 Author :Dr. Ajay Mitra
 ISBN: 81-7480-050-6
 Pages: 118+x
Price : Rs.35