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                                                        The Mysterious Moon & India's Chandrayaan Mission
ISBN 978-81-7480-177-7                 Price: Rs. 195

Vigyan Prasar has brought out this publication on the eve of the launch of Chandrayaan-1. Professor Narendra Bhandari, a senior scientist from Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, who has done pioneering work in the study of Moon and who was associated with Chandrayaan-1 mission from the concept phase.

This book presents, in simple language, the motivation for this mission to Moon in the framework of the unresolved problems in lunar science. Meant mainly for the inquisitive students, the subject is dealt with a view to highlight the science aspects and in this respect it is different from the information available in other publications or on the web.

"Professor Bhandari’s simple style of writing would make even a layman evince keen interest to understand and study the various aspects of the Moon. The book, I am sure, will be a good source of information for not only the general public but also for students intending to take up space and astronomy as a career. I congratulate Professor Bhandari on this magnificent effort and compliment Vigyan Prasar for bringing out this book to reach out to a large number of readers."

                                                                                                                                   — G Madhavan Nair, Chairman,ISRO                                                  

 Experimenting with The Quantam World

 ISBN 978-81-7480-158-6                  Price: Rs. 95

Quantum mechanics is fascinating. It explains most physical phenomena with incredible accuracy. Also, the assumptions are so counter intuitive. Aside from these difficulties in conveying the essence to the students, philosophical ramblings of non-physicists are a source of confusion and chaos. This book explains, through a series of experiments, the strange properties of quantum objects.

Dr S T Lakshmikumar

Thin Film Technology - A Layman's Perception

 ISBN 978-81-7480-156-2                 Price: Rs. 195


Thin films play an important role in investigations of the fundamental properties of solids as well as in revolutionizing the basic concepts, quality and performance of products of modern electronic, optical and automotive industries, in the harnessing of solar energy, in realizing a multitude of sensors for different physical, chemical and biological parameters, and so on. This book aims to educate and enlighten those who are engaged in the commercial applications of thin films but have inadequate knowledge of the basics of vacuum technology and thin film deposition processes. It also aims to address scientists and technologists in various fields, to whom thin film coatings and multiplayer structures appear deceptively simple and who do not appreciate the complexities and sophistication involved in the design and fabrication of thin film coatings for specific user requirements.

V.V.Shah and A.Basu

The Story of Chemistry

81-7410-135-9                                                   Price: 75/-

This book traces the development of chemistry, the science of matter, from its origins in antiquity to the modern and quickly evolving science that it is today.

Anirban Hazra



Glimpses into the Life And Works of J. Medhi

81-7480-132-4                                                  Price: 95/-

The book traces the life and works of Professor J. Medhi, who has not onlymade pioneering contributions in the field of statistics, but also has played apioneering role in establishing this branch of science in the North-East India.


Chandra Kanta Chetia



MAGIC MANTRAS to a Pain-Free Youthful Back

ISBN: 81-7480-138-3                                                   Price:
Rs. 395/-

The book gives a detailed roadmap of back pain management signposted with the fundamentals: pain control, back protection, exercise, yogic postures, diet and, perhaps most importantly, how best to maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Dr. A.P. Singh  and Dr. Yatish Agarwal



Origami-Fun and Mathematics
ISBN: 81-7480-125-1                                                  Price:Rs.65

Shri V.S.S. Sastry works in a Bank. He had his basic training in science and enjoys conveying abstract mathematical concepts in an innovative manner through origami. He has written six books related to various aspects of origami and mathematics. He writes regularly in magazines and newspapers. He has conducted over 200 workshops for school teachers on "Maths through Origami"


Yash Pal: A Life in Science

ISBN: 81-7480-128-6                                          Price:Rs.225(HB)
ISBN: 81-7480-128-4                                          Price:Rs.150(PB)

Prof. Yash Pal embodies several personalities – scientist, science manager, educator, and communicator – all rolled into one. There are few Indian scientists who have done so much in so many different fields, and have done it with such fervour. He built up the Space Applications Centre at Ahmedabad and was the key person to plan and execute the yearlong Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (SITE) during 1975-76, which brought in a new dimension in educational communication in India. Later, he became popular as one who could explain science in layman’s language. His regular appearance in the TV science programme ‘Turning Point’ to answer questions sent by viewers made him almost a public icon. He developed his own unique style of explaining science – not giving direct answers but making the viewers think and understand to get to the answers. This brief biography, profusely illustrated with rare photographs, is an attempt to bring out the multifaceted personality of Prof. Yash Pal, his emphasis on independent thought, and his innovative ways of problem solving.

Biman Basu

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Gender

ISBN: 81-7480-127-8                                                 Price: Rs. 45

This publication is the first step in an attempt to synergize the efforts of the Department of  Science and Technology, and Vigyan Prasar in particular, with non-governmental  organizations to address, through innovative uses of ICTs, a pervasive social problem in the  country: that of gender discrimination. The idea for a publication of this kind came out of the  debates and discussions that took place during a seminar convened by the Gender Network, a network of gender researchers operating out of the Institute of Social Studies Trust in New Delhi. The seminar brought together researchers from India and abroad, representatives from Government and non-Government organizations and activists, policy planners and senior bureaucrats, and members of the corporate sector, to see how a multi-stakeholder interaction of the kind could feed into the process of informed policy making in addressing the twin problems of income and gender inequalities in our societies.

The issue is of great relevance as regards the role of technology in addressing social concerns, especially when technological development is state sponsored.

                                                        Swapna Mukhopadhay and Vinay B.Kamble

Vigyan Rail -Science Exhibition on wheels
ISBN: 81-7480-126-X                                               Price: Rs. 250

Vigyan Rail–Science Exhibition on wheels was unique concept in bringing India’s scientific heritage and recent achievements to the doorsteps of the people. The Science Exhibition on Wheels, which traveled across the country for about eight months, halting at 60 stations, was conceived, formulated and implemented by Vigyan Prasar jointly with the Ministry of Railways, and with the active support of the Department of Science and Technology. Vigyan Rail was a result of co-operation among 18 Departments/Ministries of Government of India, engaged in different aspects of Science and Technology. Displayed in 12 coaches, the exhibits included panels depicting India’s achievements in the various fields of S&T, working models, hand-on activities, and multi-media shows. The exhibition drew huge crowds wherever it visited. This profusely illustrated book attempts to present a glimpse of the unique Science Exhibition on Wheels and recounts its momentous journey across the length and breadth of the country.



 Fermi Problems or The Art of Estimation

 ISBN: 81-7480-122-7                                         Price: Rs.20.00

Fermi problems widen one’s horizon and develop a sense of appreciation.  What is more important, it helps understand the inter-relationship of different disciplines in a given problem, phenomenon or situation.  It is therefore a training and experience that enriches our lives.
             An attempt has been made here to illustrate the Fermi approach through some problems in physics and our socio-economic environment.  There are some problems only for fun.


The Unknown Einstein

ISBN: 81-7480-120-0                                                  Price: Rs.75.00

Most famously known for his theory of relativity and the path-breaking equation E = mc2, Albert Einstein remained an enigma during his lifetime. Even after his death his brain remains a source of wonder for neurologists. What was this man like in his real life? Chosen as the Man of the 20th Century by Time magazine, Einstein was a genius, but he had his eccentricities too. He was also a statesman and even held a patent for his invention. Replete with anecdotes, this book is an attempt to bring out these and many other little-known facets of Einstein’s personality.

Bal Phondke (b. 1939) is a popular science writer par excellence, whose columns are featured in almost all leading Marathi newspapers. A recipient of several prestigious awards including the NCSTC National Award for Best S & T Coverage in the Mass Media, INSA Indira Gandhi Award for science popularisation, and B.C. Deb Memorial Award of the Indian Science Congress Association. After obtaining doctorate in biophysics-immunology from London University, he began his career as a research scientist in BARC. He rose to become Chief Editor of Science Today, science editor of the Times of India group of newspapers, and later Director of National Institute of Science Communication (CSIR). He continues to be a prolific freelance science communicator. He has published so far over 40 books in Marathi, English and Hindi.

The Quest for New Materials

ISBN: 81-7480-121-9                  Price: Rs. 120.00

In the course of human history, man has continuously developed newer materials primarily to improve his tools. This quest originated with the use of naturally occurring stones and sticks which he shares with his cousin, the chimpanzee. Since then, the quest had resulted in the development of the miracles of ancient metallurgy and today has reached the nano dimension. Man currently has the ability to manufacture millions of electronic devices on a small chip of silicon, each of the transistor being as small as a few nanometers. He has also learnt to manipulate individual atoms and emulate the capabilities of living organisms which they acquired in the course of 3.5 billion years of organic evolution. These exciting capabilities in turn are the consequences of the fundamental understanding of physics, chemistry and biology. The book provides a bird’s eye view of the saga of human materials development from the stone age to nanomaterials and genetic engineering and a coherent brief description of the science which underpins this development.

Dr S T Lakshmikumar obtained a Ph. D degree from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore joined the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi as a scientist in the materials division. He has been a visiting scientist at the Ransellaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, USA as a C V Raman Fellow in 1992. He began his research on metallic glasses and has continued research and development of new materials for nearly thirty years. Over the years, his research interests have included glassy metals, amorphous semiconductors, photovoltaic materials, extrinsic dielectrics and currently nanostructured materials. In this book he draws on his expertise in materials development, characterization and instrumentation to provide an account of the latest research in mankind’s quest for new materials, translating the high science to be palatable to young science students and general public interested in understanding materials science.

Music of Life
Development of Molecular Biology: A Personal Account

ISBN: 81-7480-106-5                                                  Price: Rs.150.00

An outcome of 50 years of teaching an research experience of the author in the field of Molecular Biology. It depicts, in an interesting manner the history of molecular biology as it developed following the discovery of the structure of DNA

Prof. D.P. Burma .

The Story of Physics (in Colour)

ISBN: 81-7480-080-8                                                  Price: Rs.85.00

A rare combination of science and entertainment. In a very simple and entertaining comic strip manner it describes the important events and milestones in the history of Physics beginning with Archimedes and Pythagoras till date.

T. Padmanabhan