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While sitting in a hair dresser  saloon we see in the mirror our many images. This looks very pleasing to us. It appears as though all the images are situated in a long tunnel. But this becomes possible only when a mirror is fixed just at our back which is parallel to the front mirror. We shall explain this with the help of an interesting experiment. 

Required material:

Two polished and properly framed mirrors, cello tape, scissor, candle. 


1.         Place both the mirrors side by side and fix the junction where they meet with a cello tape. Now you will be able to open and close the mirrors like a book.

2.         Place both the mirrors at a small angle apart in the upright position on the floor.

3.         Place a lighted candle in the space between the two mirrors. You will observe many images of the candle which makes a very beautiful scene.

4.         Now by gradually decreasing the angle  between the mirrors observe the images being formed. You will now observe more and more images of the candle being formed.

5.         Similarly, if the angle between the mirrors is increased the number of images decreases and when this angle is 1800, only one image will be visible. 


When the angle between the two mirrors is 180 they together act like a single mirror so that only one image is visible. As the angle between the mirrors gradually decreased, not only the candle but the mirrors themselves get imaged in one another. That is why when the angle between the mirrors is decreased one observe image within image, and image within that image, and so on. In this way one observes a lot many images. if the angle between the mirrors is finally decreased to zero, Infinite images are expected to be formed. The salutation is similar to our sitting at the hair dresser saloon where we see multitude of our images. 

Do and think a little more :

Fill a transparent glass tray with water and fix two similar mirrors at its opposite ends. See the image being formed. What you see is a very long water canal. Think how this happens?


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